WCVD10 Virtual Congress

The Congress will not be hybrid but will have a virtual component that will include a combination of pre-recorded sessions that will be part of the Congress and global presentations that will only be available on the virtual platform. It will be released starting Saturday, July 27th and be available to registrants to view until December 31, 2024.

The virtual platform will be released during the in-person Congress, starting on Saturday, July 27th . Upon registering for the virtual component, participants will be provided with their credentials and instructions on how to access the virtual platform.

*Preliminary program subject to change.

To register please go to the REGISTRATION page or CLICK HERE.

Advanced CE X 7

Gut Microbiome and AD in Humans and Animals           
Aline Hoffman              

Cutaneous Microbiome Antiseptics/probiotics
Aline Hoffman

Immunotherapy in 2024 and Beyond                                          
Ralf Mueller

The Past and Present of Immunomodulation     
Valerie Fadok

From Skin Lesions to Histopathological Patterns          
Barbara McMahill and Stefano Borio

Malassezia in 2024                                                                 
Ross Bond 

Optimizing Skin Biopsy Results                                    
Keith Linder

Basic CE X 10

Dermatology on a Shoe String                                        
Ashley Bourgeois 

Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease             
Catherine Outerbridge 

Paraneoplastic Syndrome                                                 
Catherine Outerbridge

New ISCAID Guidelines for Pyoderma                       
Anette Loeffler

Antimicrobial Stewardship                                                               
Tim Nuttall

Otitis Externa Overview and Management                           
Sue Paterson

Troubleshooting Failure of Otitis Externa                              
Sue Paterson

Update on Food Allergy                                                       
Hilary Jackson

Fundamental Approach to Canine Atopic Dermatitis  
Craig Griffin

Chiara Noli

Feline CE x 7

Otitis Media                                                                  
Ronaldo Lucas

Otitis Externa                                                                              
Ronaldo Lucas

Pemphigus Foliaceus                                                                           
Tyler Jordan

Other Immune Mediated Skin Diseases                
Petra Bizikova

Differentials of Lesions on the Muzzle and Haired Face  
Petra Bizikova

Differentials of Lesions on Toes and Paws                           
Clarissa Souza

Mycobacterial Skin Infections                                                       
Jane Sykes


Each track will have a short overview of common regional skin diseases and highlight three skin diseases seen in that region of the world.

North America:                                                                                        
Valerie Fadok

  • Pythiosis
  • Coccidioidomycosis
  • Equine Reticulated Leukotrichia and One-sided Leukotrichia

Latin and South America:                                                                  
Wendie Roldan

  • Sporotrichosis (Latin/S. America perspective)
  • Protothecosis
  • Nocardiosis

Australia/New Zealand:                                                                      
Meng Siak

  • Facial Tumour Disease Affecting Tasmanian Devils
  • Solar Induced Dermatitis
  • Nasal DLE

Nagarajan Balasubramanian

  • Lumpy Skin Disease
  • Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Fungal Skin Disease in Camels

Lerpen Duangkaew & Han Hock Siew

  • Feline fur mite
  • Cutaneous Screwworm Myiasis
  • Sporotrichosis (Asia perspective)

Aiden Foster

  • Cow pox
  • Leishmaniosis in dogs
  • Psoroptic mange in cattle and sheep